About Marijuana Tolerance Breaks

Special shoutout to these great experts from Utah having an adult and science based conversation about marijuana and tolerance breaks.

Do you find yourself using more and more cannabis to achieve the same medicinal effect that smaller doses once gave you?

There is a simple way to fix it! Living cannabis-free for at least 48-hours may seem daunting, but this tolerance break or “t-break” can have incredible rewards.

In this episode of Discover Marijuana, Tim, Kylee, and Blake go over the reasons for tolerance breaks, how often they should be taken, and the biochemistry of tolerances to chemicals like THC.

Resetting your tolerance gives you the chance to find your “just right” dose, or the minimum effective dose to treat your condition.

It’s also a great way to cut back on cannabis spending! If you’re serious about maximizing the benefits of your next t-break, follow the “Reset Your Tolerance” guide at https://utahmarijuana.org/guides

Source & Channel: Discover Marijuana