As legalization spreads across the United States, Denver remains squarely in focus. More than ever, the city is looked at to provide guidance on how it effectively implemented and continues to manage the first-of-its-kind sales and commercialization of voter-approved retail marijuana.

Through a far-reaching, collaborative approach, Denver’s Office of Marijuana Policy, housed in Denver’s Department of Excise and Licenses, supports and coordinates the work of dozens of city employees. The city’s dedicated team of experts manage a complex and ever-changing regulatory and licensing process. This work includes legislation to create, improve and clarify ordinances, management of education and health initiatives, social equity, coordination of enforcement efforts, and allocation of enough resources – all in concert with the industry and the community.

In 2020, Denver marked the seventh year of retail sales of marijuana and the seventh year of the Office of Marijuana Policy’s operation. Industry growth continues with more than 1,100 business licenses operating out of nearly 500 locations.

More recently, Denver has developed a multi-pronged approach to remove barriers and implement changes so there is more equitable access to Denver’s marijuana industry and Denver can achieve the full promise of legalization.

Denver continues its collaborative approach to marijuana management, remaining nimble and flexible to keep pace with the sustained growth of sales and innovation in the marijuana industry, while remaining in constant communication with the industry and residents to ensure balance among many competing interests.

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