Marijuana & Addiction


As a daily user of marijuana I believe having a pot prohibition in the United States not only infringes on our freedoms but has severe impact on several aspects of American society.

I am not however trying to put a joint in your mouth and telling you to light up. We believe in freedom at Pot Life USA and we’d love you to be able to do whatever you want as long as you aren’t hurting anybody. Treat people the way you want to be treated.

One aspect of American culture that suffers the most today is communication. We aren’t taking the time to listen and talk to one another. Instead we obsess over making sure our points are being heard, understood and accepted.

The truth is addiction is something that is very real, mental and personal. Life is dynamic and always changing. One thing that needs to change in this country is how we communicate on the concept of addiction.

Addiction is when you do something to feel good regardless of the consequences. It becomes more important than your family, friends, work, etc. Your confidence is crushed, depression is soon to follow and the next thing you know you want to feel good.

That cycle can come in all sorts of forms. Sex, gambling, alcohol, cigs, and yes of course marijuana. Just take the time to look at how the government ranks drugs and think about what they are telling our children in school. When things don’t match up you might end up like Shona Banda in Kansas and society starts to laugh at the war on drugs.

Moms for Marijuana International (yes that is a real group out there) and everyday Americans deserve better. We need to be on the same page and have higher standards for our community. All of us deserve better than locking people up for a non lethal drug.

I recently stumbled upon a Reddit subgroup called Leaves that has the following description:

Keep it About You: This group is pot-positive and we have no problems with pot other than the fact that it isn’t right for us, so we keep this a selfishplace. If your problem is with other people, other smokers, or cannabis in general then keep it about how that affect you.

You’re welcome to talk about bad experiences, but they have to be yours, not other people’s, society’s, or general anti-smoking opinion. If your post doesn’t have “I” or “me” in it you should question whether you’re describing your own experience or just talking about others.

Also, this is a politics-free zone. There are lots of thoughts on legalization and plenty of places to debate them, but they are a distraction from the mission of this subreddit which is to help people stop smoking.

Official Page:

I love how they embrace a community like ours and we’d love to embrace them back…because sadly the truth is some people are addicted to marijuana and want out. They can and should be able leave pot life just like we want to be able to enter whenever we as individuals so choose.