NBA Drops Random Marijuana Testing On Players For Additional Season

The policy to not randomly test players for marijuana has been in place since the Orlando restart and will continue this season.

The NBA has agreed to not randomly test players for marijuana this season, a continuation of the policy that was put in place last year for the COVID-19 “restart bubble” and has remained since.

Drug testing will continue for things such as human growth hormone and performance-enhancers, along with what the league calls “drugs of abuse” — such as methamphetamine, cocaine and opiates. But the league’s agreement with the National Basketball Players Association over random marijuana tests will continue for at least another season.

“We have agreed with the NBPA to extend the suspension of random testing for marijuana for the 2021-22 season and focus our random testing program on performance-enhancing products and drugs of abuse,” NBA spokesman Mike Bass said Wednesday.

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About Marijuana Tolerance Breaks

Special shoutout to these great experts from Utah having an adult and science based conversation about marijuana and tolerance breaks.

Do you find yourself using more and more cannabis to achieve the same medicinal effect that smaller doses once gave you?

There is a simple way to fix it! Living cannabis-free for at least 48-hours may seem daunting, but this tolerance break or “t-break” can have incredible rewards.

In this episode of Discover Marijuana, Tim, Kylee, and Blake go over the reasons for tolerance breaks, how often they should be taken, and the biochemistry of tolerances to chemicals like THC.

Resetting your tolerance gives you the chance to find your “just right” dose, or the minimum effective dose to treat your condition.

It’s also a great way to cut back on cannabis spending! If you’re serious about maximizing the benefits of your next t-break, follow the “Reset Your Tolerance” guide at

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PA GOP senator says: ‘It’s inevitable’. Time to legalize recreational marijuana.

Republican Sen. Mike Regan, a former U.S. marshal who spent years fighting the drug wars, is now calling for marijuana to be legalized in Pennsylvania.

“I think it’s inevitable,” said Regan, R-Cumberland/York counties. “It’s common sense to think we’re going to do it at some time and it should be done smart.”

Regan’s bill would allow adults to use marijuana for recreational purposes. Gov. Tom Wolf signed the law allowing marijuana for medicinal purposes in 2016.

The legislation is still a work in progress. But in a memo he began circulating on Monday seeking support from lawmakers, Regan stated, “As chairman of the Senate Law and Justice Committee and a former member of law enforcement, rather than sit idly by and allow others to shape the legislation, I am stepping up to be a leader on the issue, as I did on medical marijuana.”

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Nebraska Advocates Launch Signature Drive For 2022 Medical Marijuana Ballot Measures

Activists in Nebraska on Friday unveiled the language of a pair of initiatives to legalize medical marijuana in the state. Supporters now have until July of next year to gather thousands of voter signatures to put the measures on the 2022 ballot.

The petitioning drive to qualify the two initiatives will begin Saturday in Lincoln, near a University of Nebraska football game at Memorial Stadium, where advocates say they plan to “take advantage of the crowds” to “kick off the effort.”

Together, the two initiatives from Medical Marijuana (NMM) would protect qualified patients from legal consequences for cannabis and regulate businesses that produce, distribute and sell marijuana products to those patients. Advocates say they’re done waiting for lawmakers to act on the issue and will instead take the issue directly to voters.

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Jay-Z fighting for release of man serving 20 years in prison over weed

Jay-Z is hoping to help one of his fans in prison.

The rapper’s legal team has made a plea – twice – to a North Carolina judge asking for the “compassionate release” of a man serving a 20-year prison sentence over marijuana charges, Page Six has exclusively learned.

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Senators Working On Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act to end federal prohibition.

Reports are that Senator Chuck Schumer will not seek to advance cannabis banking reform before federal legalization.

Marriott No Longer Testing For Marijuana Pre-Employment For Many Positions

Looking to work in the industry that’s about having the spirit to serve and focused on people? Marriott may now be for you — even if you smoke legal or medical marijuana you won’t be automatically disqualified from employment for many positions.

The following has been found on many of their job listings with the following message:

Prospective employees may be given a pre-employment drug test. Employment is conditioned upon a negative result. However, marijuana testing is not included in the pre-employment drug test for the location to which you have applied with the exception of positions subject to DOT testing. Applicants who refuse to be tested or have a confirmed positive drug test will not be hired and will be ineligible to re-apply for a period of six months. Are you willing to take a pre-employment drug test?

It wasn’t that long ago that Marriott would retract job offers to people who failed drug tests simply based on marijuana usage. This included legal recreational usage or those with a medical marijuana card.

Props Marriott for being on the right side of history!

Austin public safety job candidates disqualified for legal marijuana use

AUSTIN, Texas – Austin’s Public Safety Committee has asked city departments to reevaluate their hiring policies when it comes to marijuana use.

Recently, an applicant to Austin-Travis County EMS was disqualified for having used marijuana in his home state where the drug is currently legal by state law.

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Why Starting A Marijuana Business Is So Hard | Big Business

Starting a weed business isn’t easy. It can take $1 million in startup capital to even get a license. And to keep a cannabis business going? That means jumping through complicated regulation hoops.

If they can play the game right, cannabis entrepreneurs could be set up for success in an exploding marijuana industry. But with weed still federally illegal, companies could face fines or jail time if they don’t follow the rules.

We visited three companies in Colorado and Oregon to see how they’re dealing with the ever-changing regulations. Could things get easier if weed becomes federally legal?

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