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Vet suffering from PTSD fights for medical marijuana use after arrest

(FOX 46) – A Web M.D. study shows 69 percent of doctors in America believe marijuana can help certain treatments and conditions. Many states allow medical marijuana, but neither North nor South Carolina.

Perry Parks, 74, is a marijuana user. His backyard is a place of peace.

“This, as opposed to taking a handful of pills every day, makes a lot more sense to me,” he said.

Parks said it’s the perfect thing to help his post-traumatic stress disorder.

FOX 46 Charlotte first interviewed the Vietnam War veteran last fall in 2016. Parks said he uses marijuana for PTSD.

Now, he’s facing a charge of felony possession of marijuana after he was caught with it in his luggage while going through baggage check at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport.

“I know in my heart and in my prayers that my Lord and Savior does not consider me to be a criminal,” Parks said.

Medical marijuana is legal in more than half the states in the U.S. but the DEA still considers it a schedule 1 drug which according to that definition, means it has no medical value.

Source: http://www.fox46charlotte.com/news/local-news/236323884-story