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Higher Ground: Marijuana fighters

One of the reasons the state legislature changed the rules to help keep the question of legalizing marijuana in Michigan off the ballot was because legislators believed voters would approve it. Results of a new EPIC-MRA statewide survey pretty much double down on that sentiment. The poll found that support for legalization leads with 57 percent of voters. The naysayers were at 40 percent.

Those numbers are up 4 percent from last year, and last year’s numbers were up 3 percent from the year before. That pretty much shows the trend. That’s why MI Legalize, which ran the petition drive the state rejected last year, hasn’t given up. Most of the members of the group are longtime activists and remember a day when no one outside of their circle would even talk to them about marijuana. Now there is majority public opinion and a real chance at success. There are actually several lobbyists for different interests in Lansing working with legislators on the issue.

What a difference a couple of decades make — that is, if you haven’t had your life run over by the prohibition bulldozer in the in the meantime. People are still getting killed, having their property confiscated, getting their families torn apart, and enriching foreign drug lords — all at the cost of trillions of tax dollars for a failed policy.

So MI Legalize is still at it. The group is pursuing a challenge to the state’s rejection of its petition in federal court. But first and foremost, it’s working with a coalition to bring a new ballot proposal to voters for 2018.

Source & Full Article: http://www.metrotimes.com/detroit/higher-ground-marijuana-fighters/Content?oid=2485966