Pot Moms In America

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Welcome to POT LIFE USA – a new website aimed to change the way we look and talk about the subject of marijuana in the United States.

Pot Mom Supports Other Pot Mom In Legal Crisis

What better way to start the life of this project with the topic of motherhood and some of the challenges that pot moms face. We were inspired by topic because of Shona Banda’s tweet earlier this weekend that caught our attention.

Shona Banda, a pot mom herself, is enduring a nightmare legal battle with the state of Kansas after a teacher made a referral to Child Protect Services. Allegedly her son had contradicted a teacher during a DARE / Anti – Drug class when the subject of weed being bad for you came up.

At this time the boys mother was a published author who years prior had been pushing the subject of medical benefits of marijuana and shared her personal experiences battling Crohns Disease — even sharing her book with her local community and law enforcement.

Having tried dozens of expensive legal drugs prescribed to her that had deadly potential side effects she turned to a natural medicine before opting in for experimental pharmecudical drug options.

Her case is still on-going but she faces several felony charges courtesy of Derek Schmidt (R) Attorney General who is putting Kansas’ tax dollars to work. Way to keep the streets safe Derek.

The Erica Marie Tucker Story

Needless to say, Shona could sympathize with Erica Marie Tucker, also a mother of 5 who has recently concluded her legal nightmare with her home state of Texas.

Erica Marie Tucker had allegedly been suffering from seizures and was prescribed a medicine that she could not afford. Because of the countless stories of how marijuana has helped people with epilepsy, the fact no person had ever overdosed and died on weed and presumably the cost difference…she also chose that as her medicine.

Compliments of a nurse who found out this mother was also breastfeeding at the time while admitting to pot use this was brought to the attention of Child Protect Services.

Much like Shona’s story this led to a recent settlement with the criminal justice system resulting these two parents of 5 having 2 felony records and losing careers because of it.

The fight for Pot Moms is only beginning. Please share this story with a fellow person who thinks weed prohibition in todays times are ok or that enough progress has taken place towards legalization is moving fast enough.

Don’t Worry Shona & Erica! We Hear You!

For these two moms justice and freedom could not come fast enough. Be apart of the change and stay tuned for weekly updates on this cause.