Patients Are Ditching Opioid Pills for Weed

James Feeney, a surgeon in Connecticut, heard it from his patients. A few actually turned down his prescription for oxycodone, the popular opioid painkiller that has also gained notoriety with the opioid epidemic. His patients, Feeney recalls, would say, “Listen, don’t give me any of that oxycodone garbage. … I’m just going to smoke weed.”

“And you know what?” says Feeney. “Every single one of those patients doesn’t have a lot of pain, and they do pretty well.”

Marijuana has worked well enough, anecdotally at least, that Feeney is following his patients’ lead and conducting a trial at Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center in Hartford, CT. The state-funded study will compare opioids and medical marijuana for treating acute pain, such as that from a broken rib.

That distinction—acute pain from an injury—is also an important one. A small body of evidence suggests that medical marijuana is effective for chronic pain, which persists even after an injury should have healed and for which opioids are already not a great treatment. But now Feeney wants to try medical marijuana for acute pain, where opioids have long been a go-to drug.

“The big focus from my standpoint is that this is an attempt to end the opioid epidemic,” he says. Overdoses from opioids, which includes heroin as well as prescription painkillers like oxycodone and morphine, killed more than 30,000 people in 2015.

“Listen, don’t give me any of that oxycodone garbage. …I’m just going to smoke weed.”

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Nancy Grace Vs. Weed

Nancy Grace vs. 2 Chainz ( MUST WATCH TV )

From Nancy Grace reading some of the 2 Chainz’ racy lyrics to the hip-hop star speaking from personal experience, here are some of the best moments from last week’s debate over the legalization of marijuana.

Sway Interviews Nancy Grace

Nancy Grace speaks on her conversation about marijuana with 2 Chainz, gives advice to women who have ever been harassed in their career and talks about her life shift after her fiance was murdered.

Nancy Grace & Dr. Drew.

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Tell the NFL: Stop marijuana punishments


If you tuned into a Buffalo Bills game toward the end of this NFL season, you may have noticed that offensive lineman Seantrel Henderson was missing.Henderson sat out four games earlier this year and was ordered suspended for another ten after testing positive for marijuana for the fifth time — even though he uses it for legitimate medical reasons.

The NFL Players Association (NFLPA) says it plans to present the league with a player-backed proposal for reducing the penalties associated with marijuana use, and your voice can help:

Tell the NFL to update their substance abuse policy to reflect the growing medical and societal acceptance of marijuana.

Henderson says he uses marijuana to combat Crohn’s disease, an inflammatory bowel disorder that causes abdominal pain, weight loss and fatigue. There is no medically accepted cure.

But anecdotally and in small medical studies, many patients have experienced immense symptom relief or even total remission thanks to medical cannabis treatments.

But because of federal restrictions that block clinical research on marijuana, most Crohn’s patients are instead prescribed a cocktail of steroids and other drugs that merely slow the disease’s advance, along with potentially dangerous opiates to manage the pain. Most will undergo one or more surgeries over their lifetime.

Marijuana can help Crohn’s sufferers like Henderson reclaim their lives and live symptom-free with minimal side effects.

No football player — or anyone else — should have to choose between their health and their career. Tell the NFL to reach an agreement with the NFLPA that permits players to safely and responsibly use marijuana.Tell the NFL:

Stop Marijuana Punishments

Thank you for standing up for fairness and compassion,

Tom Angell
Founder and Chairman
Marijuana Majority

P.S. The NFL says their hands are tied — policy is policy, they claim. But that isn’t always the case. In 2015, Giants kicker Josh Brown was arrested for assaulting his wife, Molly. The NFL’s domestic abuse policy mandates at least six games’ suspension — and more if the woman was pregnant, as Molly was at the time. Yet when the dust settled, Brown was suspended for just one game. The NFL should use their discretion to provide justice for sick patients — not shelter for malicious abusers.

Tell the NFL: It’s time for a 21st century substance abuse policy that ends the punitive stance of the past and recognizes marijuana as medicine.

Montel Williams Uses Marijuana To Save His Life from MS – Multiple Sclerosis

Montel Williams, the former TV talk show host, has spent much of the past 15-plus years advocating for medical cannabis — and now he’s putting his practical knowledge as a patient into practice.

Williams was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1999; and through his search for effective treatments, he found that medical marijuana — notably the plant compound cannabidiol — helped him manage symptoms such as pain and tremors.

In addition to founding a nonprofit for MS research and education, Williams became a vocal proponent for medical marijuana-related causes and traveled around the country in support of legalization efforts.

Those travels, his personal search and his research served as the impetus for LenitivLabs, a medical cannabis company Williams launched earlier this month.

Williams spoke with The Cannabist about his California-based company, how he’s in the lab developing the products, and the needs he’s hoping to serve in the medical cannabis market.

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