Robert Edward Forchion aka NJWEEDMAN- New Jersey

A list of actual Americans affected by having a marijuana prohibition.
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Robert Edward Forchion aka NJWEEDMAN- New Jersey

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Robert Edward Forchion (born July 23, 1964), also known as NJWEEDMAN, is a cannabis activist and a perennial candidate for various New Jersey elected offices. Forchion identifies himself as a member of the Legalize Marijuana Party and campaigns primarily on the single issue of cannabis legalization. Forchion has done various stunts to bring attention to cannabis legalization, including smoking cannabis in front of the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, as well as attempting to legally change his name to

NJ Weedman spent 400-plus days in jail. Turns out he was not guilty

Most people released from a county jail emerge clutching their personal possessions, or maybe carrying them in a bag.

Ed “NJ Weedman” Forchion walked out of the Mercer County Correction Center just before sunset Thursday evening pulling a cart stacked with papers and binders accumulated from his two criminal trials. He was acquitted of witness tampering hours before.

A small gathering of supporters greeted him with “gifts.” He smoked one in front of the jail’s sign. Then he got into a car with his girlfriend Debi Madaio at the wheel, lit up another and went on Facebook live. (Debi also broadcast his release moments earlier.)

“I can’t believe I’m out,” Forchion said as Debi drove. “I can’t believe you’re actually sitting there,” she said, and leaned over to kiss him.

For the next 10 minutes, he smoked and talked about getting out of jail, and the change his eyes underwent (he now wears glasses) during his 15 months behind bars. He suspects the spectacles he needs is from not being able to smoke weed in jail.

He did shout-outs to fans he knew by name and the broadcast was interrupted by people calling his phone. One asked to smoke with him. “I got a lot of making up to do,” he replied.

Then they went to Red Lobster for dinner – he loves fish - and Forchion nodded off at the table, exhausted.

Before that, and on Friday at a press event he called at his shuttered restaurant in Trenton, the litigious Weedman was also talking about starting up his weed activism and filing legal action about the 447 days he spent incarcerated during his two witness tampering trials. (A Mercer County judge denied several times his motions to get out of custody.)

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