Alabama’s NBC Affiliate Runs Anti-Weed Editorial

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I personally am not a fan of marijuana for one main reason; Its usage in Alabama is against the law. – Mark Bunting

Dear Mark Bunting,

I personally was never a fan of marijuana for 26 years. The reason? I wanted to be a law abiding citizen and was raised to believe that drugs are bad — plural.

Today I am the founder of Pot Life USA, a website dedicated to ending weed prohibition and needless to say I am a daily marijuana user who indetifies as a weed activist.

What troubled me the most about your editorial is how you said your main problem with weed is that it’s against the law. That’s why you’re not a fan.

Many times in the history of this great nation we have had laws that needed to be changed or outright removed in the name of freedom, liberty and justice for all. Sound familiar about a particular topic?

It really feels now-a-days news isn’t the same. We don’t digg into the important issues that effect everyday Americans. The war on drugs is still ongoing but we are not united on this fight. While we confuse the drug conversation with our children and they just experiment with everything we allow synthetic and fake weed to exist in the black market, we allow a black market to exist from coast to coast due to the popularity of weed regardless the consequences and worse we deny veterans freedom.

I’m sure there is a soldier from Alabama that has smoked weed and deserves to freely. Money sir is not the only issue at hand so thanks for the super in depth editorial but come on now…step it up media.